Sono nato a Mezzolombardo, in provincia di Trento, nel 1969 e sono cresciuto in Val di Non.
A Padova mi sono laureato in Psicologia Clinica e di Comunità.

Specializzato in Psicoterapia della Gestalt, esercito come Psicologo e Psicoterapeuta in ambito privato e come:

  • Responsabile Area SUD  Progetto Orthos - Studio e Trattamento Dipendenze Patologiche
  • Socio Fondatore e Presidente - Psy+ Onlus- Buone Pratiche in Psicologia e Cooperazione
  • Supervisore in diverse Comunità Psichiatriche, Cooperative Sociali, Servizi SPRAR
  • Psicoterapeuta Centro Diurno "Stella Polare" - S.Maria della Pietà  - Asl Rm1- Roma


CV - english

dr. Dalpiaz Claudio - Counsellor - Psychologist - Psychotherapist - Practices in Rome and speaks English

Claudio Dalpiaz graduated in Clinical and Community Psychology at the Padova University with a research supported dissertation concerning autism and developmental disorders; he then attended a four years specialization course in Gestalt Therapy, having the opportunity to learn Gestalt theory and practice from J. Zinker, R. Zerbetto, S. and A. Ginger, F. Rametta, A. Shnake, D. Bloom, C. Naranjo, S. Schoen, P.Quattrini, B. and R. Resnick, A. Ferrara, P. Burstein. He passed through an in deep apprenticeship in the field of addictions, participating - inter alia - in the research activities of the New Drugs Project - Pathological Addictions Department - A.U.S.L. of Reggio Emilia (RE), dedicated to gambling, designer drugs, eating disorders, sensation seeking and risk behaviours.

At ease in an international environment, he spent three years in Ankara, (Turkey), offering counselling and psychotherapy services to Italian, French and English speaking expatriates. Claudio Dalpiaz is presently practicing as trainer, counsellor and psychotherapist in Rome, working with individuals, couples and groups. Since early 2007 he collaborates as Psychotherapist and Sud Italy Coordinator at "Orthos" - Experimental Treatment Program for Problematic Gamblers, under the supervision of R. Zerbetto in Siena. He has been Responsible for the Operational Coordination and co-founder of the No-profit Organization "Psicologi Senza Frontiere - Onlus" for three years (2007-2010). Recently he founded Psy+ Onlus, a no-profit organization devoted to psychological intervention in international cooperation and dissemination of best practices in social interventions.
His main clinical interests are related to the application and fine-tuning of the Gestalt Therapy methods: in the framework of a constant circular supervision managed by a network of experienced colleagues his practice mainly focuses on:

- disturbances of the interactions individual - environment;

- mood disorders and ego-sustainability;

- pathological addictions, including drugs, gambling, eating disorders and risk behaviours;

- early intervention on panic attacks disorder, general anxiety and public/social phobia;

- troubles in communication during couples life cycle.


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